• Carleton - creative reading.
Rachel Zolf
  • Discussion questions



  • Orienting questions
  • Discussion questions -
    • Linzey:
      • What effect does this repetition have on you as a reader? What emotions might the author be trying to evoke from the reader? How might readers with different backgrounds respond differently to these repeated themes?
      • Another device used throughout the entire text is the use of the pronoun “you.” . . . hat does this do for or to the reader? Or what does this do for the author

      • [How would you name/describe the different modes employed in varied sections? What do make of this mix?]
    • Derek Qs
      • [How does one's subject position effect the reading of this book?]
  • Issues to discuss next week ....?
    • Pedagogy: What would it be like to teach Citizen? How? In what classes? Opportunities? Challenges?
    • Page 77
    • Images, artwork - choices .... position.
    • On pages 134-135 there is- again an unusual textual/visual double page spread. How does it make you feel? “In memory” is repeated several times… what is the effect? Would you look at this differently before the recent controversies?
    • What is an "American" "Lyric"?
    • [What is the significance of the porous borders between one story/poem/segment and the next?]
    • Identifying overarching motifs....
    • (comparison with Don't Let me Be Lonely.)