Goldsmith and Place
  • student discussion questions: Will on KG; Maria on KG; Will on Place
  • conceptual writing / appropriation & procedure in KG's early work
  • differential experiences of Soliloquy
  • Place's "Statement of Facts" - recontextualization and its aesthetic/political power

Politics, sources, authority and audiences
  • challenges of Goldsmith's "Body of Michael Brown" and Place's Gone with the Wind
  • sensitivity, provocation, ethics, "trigger warnings" etc.

Audience Context (Audio from discussion following Body of Michael Brown)

Edward Kamau Brathwaite

Student discussion questions: Carleton
  • dialect, neologisms/puns, voice and performance
  • National Language; free/forced poetics: Glissant
  • Barbados and pan-Carribean place-based poetry
  • writing, print, Sycorax

History of the Voice (EKB's historical/theoretical essay on Carribean sound towards Nation Language)

Continued Brathwaite discussion
Amanda's Twine: Calypso and the Sahell of Donatello
  • Close readings?
  • Discussion of "listening"
  • History of the voice distinction between: dialect and NL
    • as dialect representation, synthesis, invention ...
    • NL and other versions of "dialect verse"
  • Sherwood (blast from the past: an old conference paper "Modernist Poetics and the Vernacular"). Brathwaite's "poetry attempts neither the distance of high modernist irony nor the mimetic grasping and reductivism of of traditional dialect ... [in favor of] an engagement with otherness--not unicity but multiplicity." "Brathwaite proposes not a reconstruction based on nostalgie but a construction of soruce: perhaps not even a 'rediscovery' or 'revitalization' so much as a 'vitalization.'"
Selection of Carribean vernacular poems. Penguin Book of Carribean Verse in English. Ed. Paula Burnett.

  • Fiona Banner
    • "concept," compostitional practice, quality of text, readerly experience
  • K Silem Mohammad
    • Flarf - definition, distinction from conceptual poetry; implicit claims for the role of this kind of poetry
  • Nourbese Philip
    • History, procedure, sourced texts -- motivation, subject position, and reception.