• Questions / blog - comments
  • Student-led discussion
  • What am I doing here? PART 2 HERE
    • form, themes, language/style
    • tension/relation between speech and writing
    • situating Antin in terms of genre: classification and consequences
  • What is the relationship between "site-specific" pieces (usually discussed in performance art but also relevant to oral tradition) and these "talks"?
  • Comparative listening / reading - "How Wide is the Frame?"

  • Vicuna - Overall Questions?
  • student discussion questions
  • Themes/issues
    • Sound as expressive /creative medium
    • Text in performance, transcription; orality/print (the Line)
    • Shifts: speech, chant, song, "declamation"
      • "i would just like to say /a couple of myths that are pertinent"
    • Multilingualism
    • Intermedia - (Dick Higgins Some Poetry Intermedia; Intermedia)
  • Cultural perspective / voice; Quechua
  • ? In-class, group transcription?


For Monday, read Goldsmith and Place. Look also at the quotations I provided from Perloff's two discussions of differential texts: Perloff - from Screening the Page - Paging the Screen. See also Perloff - from Differential Poetics in Kenneth Goldsmith's Fidget and John Kinsella's.