J.R. Carpenter is a writer/artist who works in multiple genres and formats. She has published a novel, but the work we read in this class will be hybrid-genre web based writing. There is a particular interest in location, perhaps inevitable for an Anglo Canadian who then lives in Quebec (French-speaking Canada) before decamping for the UK. But it also seems related to some of the fundamental issues of living and communicating online, where we are at once in our physical (local, material spaces) neighborhoods and also participants in a discourse that seems to network across geographic boundaries and time zones. Yet Carpenter does not aim to ignore or transcend but to inhabit those problematic spaces and allow her readers to enter them as well.

Her works have been widely exhibited and published in online magazines and anthologies. We will generally consult versions on her own website:

The Cape - http://luckysoap.com/thecape/capecodhouse.html
And by Islands - http://luckysoap.com/andbyislands/
In Absentia - http://luckysoap.com/inabsentia/index.html

In some cases, you may find alternate versions and useful documents for context on the author's website:

ELMCIP Annotation - Abstract of Carpenters' Doctoral Project