From the late 1960s, David Antin has produced "poem talks" site-specific performances followed by transcription. Here are two such pieces. You should read the first alone, then read the second while listening to the audio of the original recording which is available at Pennsound.

Primary Readings

Pennsound audio:
How Wide is the Frame audio

In the case of Antin's work, we're interested in the relationship between speech and writing, between concept and execution, and between the audience experience of live performance and the reading of the poem/transcription. How does the performance procedure factor into our experience of the work? How do witnessing a live performance, hearing an audio recording, and reading the printed version compare?

Critical Articles and Essays
Sherwood, Kenneth. "David Antin." Dictionary of Literary Biography. Ed. Joseph Conte. Vol. 169. Detroit, MI: Gale Research, 1996.
David-Antin-LitBio-Sherwood.pdf, Details Download

Optional: (This is a fascinating but very long written interview. Read this only if you have time and interest. Not required. )A Conversation with David Antin. (Book length interview with Charles Bernstein):